In the online ecosystem, search engine optimization ( SEO) has proven quintessential in generating organic traffic. This principle applies to the Cryptocurrency market as well, since competition is tight, and achieving success is difficult.

As part of this article, readers will learn why Crypto businesses must heavily rely on SEO to attract traffic and generate leads. Furthermore, we will discuss a series of SEO tips that are bound to help improve website rankings.

Why is SEO mandatory for Cryptocurrency businesses?

In general, SEO is mandatory for most online websites — after all, it is search engines that generate the highest volume of traffic. It’s important to acknowledge…

In recent times, cryptocurrency and blockchain popularity was massively propelled via a series of innovative marketing trends, as seen in one of our posts earlier this year. Components like social networks, influencer advertising, and new forms of media have all contributed to increased Crypto awareness worldwide.

This article will provide readers with an overview of the recent media marketing trends that Crypto-based companies are leveraging to further increase their reach. …

Affiliate marketing represents one of the world’s most popular internet marketing strategies. The process is fairly simple — affiliate marketers help companies attract new users and generate income, by referring people from their sphere of influence. In exchange for these services, marketers are given a commission.

This article will discuss the concept of affiliate marketing within the cryptocurrency/blockchain sphere. It’ll also highlight a series of lucrative affiliate opportunities available on the 19th of October 2020, and provide readers with a comparison between affiliate marketing and other means of traffic generation.

Affiliate as an income generator

What’s wonderful about affiliate marketing is the fact that it…

In our previous blog post, we discussed the main cryptocurrency trends that will ensue in 2020, alongside their potential impact on the market as a whole. Attracting success when you own a cryptocurrency-related business entails a deep understanding of internet marketing trends. We hope to make this easier for you by focusing on highlighting the main marketing trends of 2020 that can be fully-reproduced for the cryptocurrency niche.

By carefully following the trends that are outlined below, you can increase your overall customer reach, while also boosting traffic, visibility, business popularity, brand loyalty and conversion rates.

Without further ado, here…

Over the last couple of years, the digital currency market has been shaped by a number of trends, which influenced the adoption, volatility, regulation, and development of new coins. Staying up-to-date with the upcoming crypto trends is bound to have a great deal of benefits, as users can better predict future market updates, thus allowing them to make smarter investment decisions.

Without any further ado, in article Cointraffic will focus on highlighting some of the main cryptocurrency trends you may expect to see in 2020. The opinions outlined below belong to a number of popular market experts, analysts, and investors.

Digital currencies ARE the trend

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of email marketing has decreased given the growing number of readily-available marketing channels. Despite this aspect, emails remain highly-relevant, especially when it comes down to communicating with customers, following up on orders, or encouraging them to purchase your crypto-based service or product.

Some of the best marketing practices dictate that businesses should engage in contact with newly-registered users. After all, there’s no profitability in getting sign-ups to your service, but rather in encouraging users to commit and purchase a cryptocurrency service, subscription or product.

Getting these conversions generally entails that users are…

Currently, most internet marketing professionals worldwide can agree that organic traffic represents one of the most precious sources of new users, conversions, and sales for online businesses and websites of all types, including those focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

To put things into perspective, the ‘organic traffic’ term stands for the number of visitors that access your website after clicking on an unpaid search result, provided after a search engine query.

It’s a valuable source of traffic since it guarantees that all organic users are visiting thanks to their own interest in your particular niche. Therefore, if you…

In this article, we introduce some insights into exactly whom the crypto audience is made of in an attempt to help cryptocurrency businesses discover a little bit more about the customers they are attempting to attract to their website, and ultimately, their product.

Before getting started with marketing, it is important for any type of online business to know who their target audience is. This holds especially true for crypto businesses whose customers are a special breed of audience and not as easily defined as one might immediately think. …

Over the last couple of years, the size of the worldwide e-commerce market has grown substantially, since millions of people now prefer purchasing products and services over the internet. In fact, statistics show that in the United States, the online shopping market is valued at approximately $547 billion, whereas recent trends predict that these numbers are bound to keep on growing. The same fact is applicable to the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets, since numerous businesses are now actively offering crypto and blockchain-based solutions.

The growth of cryptocurrency businesses entails a shift in the paradigm of customers. Product and service buyers…

In this article we will review the main reasons why having a distribution campaign for a Press Release is absolutely essential for a Crypto- or blockchain-related business in today’s ultra-competitive industry. Even the greatest of ideas can fail without proper marketing, quickly falling to the wayside as they are looked over in favor of products with more exposure and better visibility.

It is important to have a healthy understanding of what Press Releases can be used to accomplish, and through the course of this article we will demonstrate how they can serve more uses than just those usually considered.




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