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Any Crypto project needs to find its audience. Cointraffic decided to share some exciting advertising campaigns in the Crypto world.

The cryptocurrency industry has seen various marketing efforts, some more memorable than others. It can be tricky to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world, although there have been various successful efforts in recent years.

Dogecoin Goes NASCAR

2014 Was a year for unusual yet meaningful crypto marketing initiatives. While BitPay created the Bitcoin Bowl, the Dogecoin community banded together to gain attention in NASCAR. More specifically, the community put together 67 million DOGE to sponsor Josh Wise during the Talladega Superspeedway race of 2014. The car ended up getting covered in Dogecoin and Reddit advertisements, bringing exceptional attention to cryptocurrency’s most significant meme coin.

The car was also “renamed” to “$98 Moonrocket” and participated in the Aarons 499 Sprint Series Cup Race, the 2014 Sprint Showdown, and the 2014 All-Star Race. Afterward, the car was officially retired, although it made another appearance during the 2015 Toyota/Save Mart 350. The marketing effort etched Dogecoin into the minds of many and still serves as a reminder of how important communities are in cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s Faster Cross-Border Payments Ad

Sending money abroad can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Ripple is a digital currency firm attempting to streamline corridors and bring significant time and money savings to ecosystem participants. The company launched an advertisement several years ago to illustrate the difference between its service and traditional cross-border payment solutions. Moreover, Ripple claims that users shouldn’t need a “boarding pass” to move money globally.

Ripple’s marketing team created an ad explaining how the current payment landscape is inefficient and slow to drive their point home. It would be faster to fly money to the recipient oneself rather than use the services that existed at the time of making the video. One may argue the ad pushes the narrative a bit too far, yet one cannot argue Ripple’s solution is much faster and cheaper. In addition, the company has secured dozens of partnerships since its ad.’s “Don’t Get Held Up” is one of the biggest crypto wallet providers today. The company has a marketable name and put together a well-known video ad featuring William Shatner several years ago. In the ad, Shatner and another actor attempt to rob a bank with toy guns and experience a very time-consuming heist. One of the hostages suggests the robbers should try to use Bitcoin for their monetary purposes, which acts as a promotion for’s “The PIT.”

For those unaware, The PIT is’s native exchange. Users can trade cryptocurrencies for US dollars, including BTC, ETH, and DOGE. The service has been incorporated into the platform since. However, having William Shatner — a fan of Bitcoin — in the ad promoting cryptocurrency was a smart move. Shatner is a recognizable face, and his appearance made the marketing push far more memorable.

If your budget doesn’t allow for Hollywood A-listers to appear in a marketing campaign, reach out to our experts at Cointraffic to find something more suitable!

Coinbase’s 2022 SuperBowl Ad

One of the biggest advertising platforms in the world is the annual Super Bowl. It is a sports event watched by millions of people every year. Even those with no interest in either participating team will try to catch the half-time show. Coinbase decided the Super Bowl is a golden opportunity to give away Bitcoin and attract more customers. Users who scanned the QR code displayed during the ad would receive $15 in Bitcoin if they created an account.

The $7 million marketing campaign was expensive, but Coinbase gained roughly 20 million new customers. It was a great way to build brand awareness and solicit a direct response from whoever saw it. However, the ad’s popularity caused an outage across the Coinbase app. A successful marketing campaign can have unintended consequences at times.

These are some great examples of crypto marketing. Cointraffic can help your crypto project find its audience using such practical tools as Banner Ads, Press Releases, and Notifications. Contact us to learn more!

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