Crypto PR Vs. Traditional PR

2 min readNov 25, 2022


Crypto PR efforts and traditional public relations share similarities but are very different creatures. Both aim to establish a brand or product by contributing to its reputation. The critical difference is how crypto PR is conducted, as it requires a more finetuned approach than traditional “bulk” promotion.

Before committing to crypto press release distribution, one must have the necessary expertise. It often requires working with agencies capable of understanding the industry jargon and converting it into language anyone can understand. In addition, crypto PR agencies can promote a blockchain or cryptocurrency business regardless of their industry vertical: trading, NFTs, Metaverse, decentralized finance, etc.

A traditional PR company will often need help to reach the blockchain and crypto crowd. They need more industry expertise and often rely on conventional media platforms. While there is a solid crypto following on social media like Twitter and Facebook, press release distribution needs a more streamlined approach.

Their relationship with crypto publishers sets a reputable crypto PR firm apart from its traditional counterpart. In addition, using crypto- and blockchain-oriented portals and blogs will help projects gain traction and increase overall engagement.

Niche Content Marketing Is Powerful

The primary objective of blockchain marketing is to wield content marketing as an educational tool. Engaging an audience often requires an educational approach. A high-quality and engaging post helps build credibility and increases organic visibility.

In addition, getting projects featured in niche media or newsletters is another excellent option. Cointraffic experts help create press content to garner media attention and deliver a target audience to your project, product, or website. Cointraffic’s team has over 300 partnered crypto outlets to ensure widespread visibility and has completed over 600 PR campaigns.

However, it is crucial to look beyond crypto-focused outlets, too. Featured content pieces mentioning your brand or company will appear across reputable mainstream outlets, including Benzinga, Marketwatch, Bloomberg, etc.

Building The Business’ Reputation

One cannot deny that scams, thefts, and hacks have plagued the crypto industry. Therefore, new crypto businesses must establish a market position and enhance it. That includes improving overall credibility and forging strong customer relations. Having people learn about products and services is only the first step. They also need a reason to understand the business better and use the product or service.

Based on our experience at Cointraffic, client expectations need to be adjusted. Unlike traditional PR campaigns, which can generate millions of clicks or visits, crypto press release distribution takes a slow and steady approach. It is a long-term game, like the entire crypto industry, and good things come to those who are patient.

With Cointraffic’s help, you, too, can help your project or business gain more visibility and have the website rank higher on Google. Reach out to us with just one click!

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