Design in Crypto: 2023 Trends That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

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Graphic design trends are an essential component of any marketing effort. It applies to new and existing ventures, as catching people’s attention will always be a requirement. Some interesting trends are on the horizon for 2023 and beyond that can make your brand stand out.

Key Graphic Design Trends For Crypto Marketing

Regardless of your company’s business model, the visual brand representation has to be on point. It has to be unique, trigger a response in whoever sees it, and invite people to learn more. With a solid graphic design, your project will be a dime a dozen, and the marketing strategy becomes easier.

Our experts at Cointraffic keep a finger on the pulse of upcoming graphic design trends. There is no shortage of new and bold ideas throughout 2023, although we have identified the options that will stand out the most. Of course, you can use whichever design style you feel most comfortable with, but we would like to offer some ideas.

Acid Graphic Design

Thinking of acid graphics as a marketing tool for cryptocurrency projects may seem strange. The style is mainly used to promote “alternative” brands, although one can argue that cryptocurrency is an alternative form of finance. In addition, the design world notes an ongoing revival of Y2K-related designs and themes. Acid graphics, also known as Y2K grunge, can strike a chord with younger and older members of your target audience.

One trend in acid graphics is using “glitches”, chrome, and amorphism. Some may feel like this style caters to the “dark side of the web,” although it isn’t limited to that. Acid graphic design is a powerful tool for social media marketing and websites. It may prove incredibly valuable for NFT projects, although the style is versatile enough to suit any project.

AI-based Design

Our team at Cointraffic identifies AI — based design as another powerful crypto design trend for 2023. Artificial Intelligence is getting incredibly popular in NFT communities as people are more interested in AI experimental artists. It can also be used in your social media as a part of content, or you can implement some of it in your branding. In addition, it is an excellent option to trigger a call to action from the viewer.

Furthermore, the graphic design style fits the current narrative of merging technology and art. AI projects are a window into today’s digital world and show glimpses of the future. It allows for tremendous creative freedom, making it applicable to any crypto project in every vertical.

Try using programs like DALL-E, and Midjourney to create AI art for your brand.

Abstract Gradients

Color transitions are incredibly mesmerizing and trigger a sense of wonder in many people. These gradients have been a staple in graphic design for several years, and they never disappoint. If anything, the abstract gradients will remain a designer’s favorite for a while to come. As such, Cointraffic expects them to remain a powerful option for crypto project graphic design throughout 2023.

Gradients are incredibly modular and enable creators to balance imagination and realism. In addition, the style’s soft colors tend to calm people’s moods and make them more susceptible to curiosity. One can take many different approaches with crypto graphic design, but abstract gradients are worth experimenting with.

Retro Art

Establishing a crypto brand can be as simple or complex as one likes. While some techniques in this list may seem too advanced, retro line art is much easier. It is one of the more minimalistic art styles that can spark fun, excitement, and curiosity. In addition, it is a retro style that makes it seem like your brand’s logo is hand-drawn with a marker.

Some designers may favor the cartoonish approach to retro line art. Others may try bubble fonts and oval borders. There is a lot to experiment with, and we at Cointraffic firmly believe this is one of the most crucial design trends of 2023. So be wild and frolicky when designing for your crypto brand, as nothing is off-limits.

Try and Experiment to Your Heart’s Content!

It is evident that 2023 will be an intriguing year for graphic design. Crypto brands should take advantage of the above trends, as they will help your design stand out. A prominent design choice will lead to more successful marketing campaigns.

Cointraffic will do its part to ensure the marketing goes well. Reach out to one of our representatives to set up or adjust your campaign today!

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