Top 9 Crypto Ad Networks & Agencies Worldwide for Effective Promotion

5 min readApr 11, 2023


Over the past ten years, the cryptocurrency market has grown by leaps and bounds, which wouldn’t have been possible without digital exposure. It can be hard for crypto startups to find investors and clients through traditional means. This led to creating advertising networks and agencies whose main goal was to get people interested in crypto-related projects and add value to them.

Advertising is a part of marketing that promotes a brand on premium websites, forums, and blogs. This helps the brand go viral. On the other hand, publishers can also make money from the traffic to their websites. Crypto-focused agencies know how this industry works and can help you stay ahead. We’ve compiled a list of platforms that can help you get your cryptocurrency campaign off to a good start.


Cointraffic crypto banner ads, crypto press release service

Cointraffic was founded in 2014 when cryptocurrency was still a relatively new concept. Even though there have been problems and setbacks along the way, the industry has become a powerhouse. Cointraffic has also benefited from a first-mover advantage in crypto marketing and PR services. As a result, the team gained valuable experience and the trust of advertisers and publishers.

Furthermore, Cointraffic is well-known for its dependability and stability in volatile crypto market conditions. The company’s impressive track record includes completing over 17,000 successful campaigns and forming partnerships with over 500 leading crypto outlets.

Cointraffic has worked with many well-known companies, including OKX, KuCoin, Binance, Bitstarz,, Bybit, Huobi, and many others.

Cointraffic’s expertise provides a core benefit: each client can experience an individual approach tailored to their needs and requirements. This includes receiving personalized advice for ongoing and future campaigns, HTML 5 banner creation, and quick campaign setup and launch.

Cointraffic focuses on premium traffic, ensuring every campaign is seen globally or in key markets based on clients’ preferences.

Bitmedia is a fast-growing crypto ad network that has amassed massive popularity among advertisers and publishers. Having launched in 2015, it has spread its wings across over 5000 websites and attracts over 1 billion impressions monthly.

It employs AI-based targeting to deliver ads according to geographical location, device, timing, and frequency.Bitmedia offers performance-based (CPC) and impression-based (CPM) pricing models.

With Bitmedia,publishers can also enjoy a steady source of revenue at top market rates. For user convenience, deposit and withdrawal options are available in fiat and crypto.


With over 16000 campaigns delivered, Coinzilla is a one-stop shop for all your crypto advertising needs.

From HTML5 banners and display ads to pop-ups and press releases, Coinzilla offers a wide range of options to reach millions of potential users. You can set up a campaign within minutes and gauge performance using advanced tracking and optimization tools. Both crypto and fiat payment options are available for users.


Established in 2011, Anonymous Ads is one of the oldest ad networks on the market and continues to be a popular choice for advertisers. The network garners over 70 million daily impressions and offers real-time stats to analyze performance. It guarantees privacy and anonymity to network users by eliminating any data verification or KYC.

In addition to the conventional CPA and CPM models, A-Ads also offer a CPD (cost per day) model, which allows for a more flexible campaign budget. However, the platform accepts payments only in crypto.

Dragon X

Founded in 2019, Ad Dragon is the first DeFi advertising platform in the world that runs on a new peer-to-peer advertising model. They also implement trustless blockchain technology to provide cutting-edge marketing solutions.

The online marketplace offers access to high-quality traffic without invading privacy.

Publishers can join the platform to sell advertising products at their own prices without a contract or lock-in period. Advertisers are free to make their choices based on their budgets and goals. It’s a win-win game for both parties. Any transaction on this platform is carried out in Ethereum.


Adshares is an open-source Web 3 infrastructure that aims to transform the advertising market by transferring value between advertisers and publishers. The protocol delivers decentralized ad solutions without any intermediaries. It offers multiple ad types: affiliate, CPA/CPM based, and pop-under ads.

The ecosystem is powered by the ADS coin, which can handle all settlements. It creates direct payment deals between advertisers and publishers without any middlemen.


With a huge publisher network of over 200 crypto-related websites, CoinAD is a one-stop shop for effective advertising that generates quality leads.

Unlike other platforms, CoinAd doesn’t have an auction for advertising bids. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to make the most of the impressions on a given day.

CoinAd offers both CPC and CPM advertising along with PR story distribution. Accepted payment methods include bank transfers and crypto deposits (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, USDT, USDC)


CryptoPR is a London-based crypto marketing agency that caters to different verticals, including NFT, DeFi, and blockchain-based projects.

Top marketing services include press releases, celebrity endorsements, banner ad campaigns, advertorials, comparison listings, and international campaigns.

CryptoPR is a team of 100+ staff with a proven track record of running successful campaigns at the most reasonable rates. You can start by filling out a form and providing details about your crypto project.

Ninja Promo

Founded in 2017, Ninja Promo is a blockchain marketing agency specializing in promoting crypto products through paid advertising, influencer campaigns, community management, and content marketing.

The team develops tailored strategies that can propel any crypto marketing campaign to unimaginable heights. From auditing and reporting to developing a data-driven roadmap, Ninja Promo puts the plan into action and optimizes it to perfection.

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